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Crossing Lines: Anti-Oppression Dialogue Facilitation

  • Synergos 3 East 54th Street, 14th Floor New York, NY (map)

As our world feels increasingly polarized, how can we use dialogue to connect people across lines of difference? What role can facilitated dialogue play in increasing equity?


In this interactive, 1-day workshop, we’ll explore and practice techniques for facilitating dialogue that promotes social justice.  

Workshop Overview: Dialogue goes far beyond just talking; this workshop will incorporate awareness of power dynamics and positionality, especially when connecting people from different political, cultural, national, linguistic or other backgrounds. Using role play scenarios, case studies, and discussions, we will examine the role of identity, approaches to conflict, and ways to facilitate anti-oppression dialogue. Our approach aims to move beyond “just talking,” to concrete behavior change and actions for social justice.

You will leave this workshop with a more nuanced understanding of:

  • The varied roles and responsibilities a facilitator holds during dialogue

  • How bias, identity, privilege, and power impact group dynamics

  • Skills to make space for challenging conversations, and avoiding dynamics that reinforce power dynamics and historic oppression

  • Techniques for moving people and groups from talking to action around social justice issues

Who should participate? Whether you facilitate dialogue in formal settings or are looking for ways to connect with coworkers from different backgrounds, this workshop will expand your toolkit with techniques and skills to engage people meaningfully with an anti-oppression lens. This is the ideal workshop for anyone who engages people from diverse backgrounds in their work, either in intentional facilitated dialogue, or more informal spaces of connection and collaboration.


Ongoing Support and Accountability: After our workshops, we provide ongoing support to participants over several months, to help with your continued planning or implementation of ideas. This includes:

  • Tangible goal-setting and accountability checks

  • Seachange Collective cohort webinars to discuss progress, questions, challenges, and shared strategies

  • Optional: We can offer additional workshops or advising for your team on specific projects. Talk to us about what you need!

What have past participants said?

"This was a great workshop! It helped me to understand different ways to create more inclusive and diverse environments” — Maria McQuade, Program Associate, Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding

"These are life skills adaptive to a tremendous range of applications. This workshops is an opportunity for coalition building. Excellent and urgent work.” — Angela Kariotis, Seton Hall University

Who we are: Seachange Collective is a women-led training collective that supports groups committed to social, racial, gender, and economic justice. Our collective draws on our combined decades of expertise in the non-profit and social change sectors, including work in community organizing, education, policy and advocacy, case management, research, mediation, professional development, grant and individual giving. As facilitators, we are highly participatory, drawing on participants’ own expertise, real-life case studies, and a mix of theory and practice. We are experienced in dealing with a range of needs, and creation of safe spaces for difficult conversations. Read our biographies here:

Pricing: We run our workshops on a sliding-scale model, to ensure we remain accessible for organizers, non-profit staff, and public servants across a spectrum of roles and budgets.


Please note that space is limited and registration closes Thursday, April 11th, 2019!